Club Expectations

Club Expectations

It is a joint effort between players, parents/guardians, coaches, administrators, and the club to provide everyone with a positive experience – beyond just soccer.

what to expect


• Expect we will do our best to communicate with you.
• Expect regular communication from the Directors and coaches.
• Expect to receive information about FLFC events & programs.
• Expect to have any concerns addressed.

• Expect to receive quality training in a positive, learning environment.
• Expect us to uphold our goal to improve your child’s skills, their understanding of the game, their physical development, and their growth as children.

• Expect the coach to attend games or obtain proper coverage for games.
• Expect age-appropriate instruction at games.

• Coaches work with Directors to decide on appropriate tournaments for each team.
• We represent FLFC at tournaments.

• Expect your child’s coach to be a leader and role model for your child.
• Expect your coach to help your child to grow as a person and in their love of the game.
• Expect your coach to demonstrate good sportsmanship and leadership.

• Expect your coach to be prepared for practices and games.

• We appreciate the time and support you put into your child’s soccer team and FLFC
• It takes the effort of many people to help players grow in their soccer experience
and as children!


• Is your child prepared?
• Physically – eating properly, sleeping properly
• Mentally – excited to play, a full “emotional tank” where they’re not worried about mom/dad analyzing their play.
• Technically – does your child get out with a ball on their own?
• Watching soccer – does your child watch soccer on television?
• Grades – is your child balancing soccer with their schoolwork?

• Communicate with the coach about being late or any missed practices (marked on TeamSnap).
• Communicate with the coach about any possible missed games well ahead of the game.
• Parents/guardians are not permitted to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing time, playing position, complaints, etc. Meetings should be scheduled for another time outside of scheduled team events when the coach is available.
• Communicate with the coach first about any issues related to your child. If the issue is not being resolved, then contact the Director of Coaching.

• Players are expected to be at practice on time and you are there to pick them up on time.
• Players need to be properly dressed and have water.

• No parents/guardians are permitted on the field at Fort Family Regional Park or any other locations while training is scheduled. All parents/guardians are to remain behind the fence lines at each designated park.
• When parked facing a field of play or along the fence line please be
courteous and turn off your headlights.
• No dogs or pets allowed on the field. There are dog areas provided and available at each park.
• There is no smoking at Fort Family Regional Park 
• The club expects players’ parents/guardians to demonstrate behavior that aligns with the club’s core values and beliefs.

• Make sure your child is on time.
• Make sure they are prepared – physically, mentally.
• Make sure they arrive in the appropriate game-day uniform, always bring both uniform kits, and bring water (this is something they should ultimately be responsible for).
• Support your child, team, and coach.
• Respect the referees knowing that it could be your child very soon who will make mistakes and should not have adults yelling at them.
• The club expects players’ parents/guardians to demonstrate behavior that aligns with the club’s core values and beliefs.